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About Vivid Outcomes



Welcome to Vivid Outcomes. My name is Vidya and through Vivid Outcomes I provide  a Therapeutic Coaching and Mentoring service for individuals and groups, parents, young adults, children, business leaders, team leaders, carers and more.

My warm, intuitive, flexible and open approach will help you make those all important changes to your thinking, choices, habits and beliefs that may be currently holding you back, dragging you down and preventing you from living your life with more zest, enthusiasm and contentment.

Change the way you "do life"

Change the way you 'do life" and great things can happen quickly and with very little effort when it 'feels right'. Using a blend of well established therapeutic practices, intuitive coaching and skillful mentoring, I provide customised solutions for my clients that best fit their needs and budgets.


My Approach and Competencies

Should you become a client, I offer up a space for an alternative dialogue to the one that you may have been having with yourself about your life situation, problems and future prospects. I will help you to re-evaluate your situation, understand what is obstructing your progress towards positive change and to clarify what action needs to be taken to move forward.

I am passionate about understanding people in a very 'whole' and real way, and I pride myself on my intuitive approach - a great gift given, that I was meant to share with all I work with, be it children, adolescents or adults.I treat you as a unique individual, tailoring my approach to suit you by working creatively 'with' you and not 'at' you to find a solution that 'connects'

I've always been interested in how we use language to 'code' our reality of the world. You could say it was a natural curiosity coupled with my own unique experiences and learnings that lead to me taking becoming a therapeutic coach, mentor and practitioner. I am very passionate about helping people

Therapies & Toolkit

Having undertaken professional qualifications in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, EFT, Mindfulness and Meditation, I can bring a vast array of expertise, know-how, tools and techniques to my client sessions.


More recently I have trained as a Breathwork Coach and imminently I am set to embark on my training as a Somatic Coach. By blending all these special modalities and using them creatively and interchangeably to suit you - I'm able to raise your awareness, give you an understanding and a set of tools that really will empower you to harness your own wellness, wellbeing, fulfillment and sense of happiness.  

If you have read this far and are not sure what to do next, take action and book a free on-line discovery session to find out more about how I can help you and we can agree the next steps on your own path of personal development and growth. You have nothing to lose, and very much everything to gain.


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Ways in Which I Can Help You

I can assist you to overcome, resolve and manage a wide variety of common life situations and conditions. I am a specialist at helping people with Anxiety and Stress. My approach is engaging and building a relationship with you is straight forward.

Anxiety and Stress Relief Specialist

A free introductory session on-line where we can discuss your needs in more detail, say hello and decide if therapy, coaching or mentoring is a suitable solution to your needs.

Follow up sessions of therapy, coaching or mentoring tailored to meet your specific needs and budget. The minimum number of follow on sessions is 1. Each session is typically 1 hour in duration and is delivered online. Bundles of hourly sessions can be booked to accommodate the requirements of your agreed customised therapy or coaching program. Typically a program of therapy will be 4-6 hourly sessions.

My therapy programs include ongoing support via email during the period of therapy and for 1 month following your final session.

The Foundation for Positive Change




Vivid Outcomes, provides therapeutic, coaching and mentoring services in line with three core principles that are proven to guarantee fast, effective and rewarding outcomes in all areas of your life.

CLEARANCE: I will work with you to reduce, eradicate and 'clear' those disempowering thoughts, feeling and emotions. Following clearing your thinking will be less noisy, your mind quieter, you will feel lighter, more relaxed and you will have created that all important space where positive change can be worked on and created. You will have a sense of clarity.

CLARIFICATION: Having this sense of clarity with enable you to 'clarify'. I will help you re-evaluate your current life situation including the situations , problems and challenges you are currently experiencing – ‘your starting point’. From this point we will look at the choices you are making, the actions you are taking , how you are feeling, what you believe about yourself and your thinking pattern. As your coach and mentor, I will assist you to make  new choices, change your thinking and ‘rewire your beliefs’ . See the way forward to the new revitalised you.

CREATIVITY: I will help you to creatively define a plan of actions which will include the changes and choices you will want to make to your daily routines, thinking, actions and habits to bring into being the newer life experience that you desire. You will find yourself thinking creatively, from a sense of possibilities. I will be on hand to guide you along and help you overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.

To help you get underway, I have created a series of FREE downloadable SELF HELP guides and workbooks, Podcasts and Video sessions. 




...As a ‘typical man’ who keeps things close to his chest, this was no easy step for me to seek help, but I found Vidya personable, friendly, knowledgeable, skilled and kind hearted – I would not hesitate to work with Vidya again when/if the need occurs. I could not recommend her highly enough to others.


MH, Reigate 

...Vidya is so easy to open up to it felt natural to be honest and in doing so gain knowledge in how I can help myself now and going forward. I had put this off thinking perhaps it wasn’t for me but so very glad I took the plunge! Thank you Vidya. 


Anon, Reigate

...I came to Vidya during a period of feeling low and unsatisfied with where I was physically and mentally. Vidya helped me unlock my motivations and or lack of, and address some self-esteem issues I was dealing with. She helped me understand the drivers of this and then to work on building a positive mindset. This had a significant effect on my physical health as well as mental health and self-esteem. It gave me the courage to take the big leap in following a dream I had since a child, without the burden of failure...Vidya’s techniques and mindfulness approaches continue to help me on a daily basis. I can’t recommend Vidya enough! 

Anon, Redhill

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