Living with addictions can be detrimental and debilitating. The ‘pleasure’ that was once derived from the occasional behaviour, quickly forms into a habit that can become so out of control, it becomes an addiction that can cost one’s own health, mental wellness, finance, and/or relationships.


You may feel helpless to stop because the mechanics of it do not lie in the conscious. If they did you would just ‘stop’, but with addictions, it is necessary to go far deeper into the unconscious layers of your mind for the answers and resolution.


Hypnotherapy is very effective and a helpful approach to resolving addictions.

Areas of Treatment

  • Smoking

  • Food

  • Shopping

  • Gambling


Hypnotherapy creates the opportunity to communicate with the unconscious, to seek alternative solutions which serve you better than the habit/addiction that has been gripping you.


I also offer the option to combine Hypnotherapy and EFT together as a unique offering to help in the area of addiction. The benefit to you of this option is that you learn a self-help tool by way of EFT which you can always use as a tool to keep you invested in new found commitment to living without your habit/addiction. The two really complement each other brilliantly.


I like to explore each individual on a case by case basis. Dependent on the nature of the issue, I can better advise on which route is likely to be optimal.

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I am based near Redhill in Surrey and run sessions either from my home practice or virtually. 

As a practitioner, I will give you tailored support that is:

  • Non-judgemental

  • Friendly

  • Good humoured

  • Compassionate

  • Confidential

  • Professional


If you want help to change your outcomes, get in touch with me and tell me about the issue(s) you want to focus on. We can talk about how we could work together and what you would be looking to gain from your sessions.

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