Handling Change, Trauma and Fear

Each person experiences life in their own unique way. Some experiences really can help to positively ‘fuel’ the momentum you have in your life but some experiences can prevent you from living fully or in the way that you would like to. There feels to be an aura of ‘stuck’ about those experiences. You want to mobilise from them but somehow you can't seem to.


For any of these, Hypnotherapy, EFT or an integrated approach of the two can be really effective approaches to living beyond the very real constraints you are feeling and experiencing currently.

Areas of Treatment

  • Coping with change

    • becoming a parent

    • divorce

    • illness

    • retirement

    • grief

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Fears and Phobias

    • flying

    • spiders

    • snakes

    • dentist

    • needles


Hypnotherapy allows you the opportunity to experience deep relaxation and opens your mind to clearing and overcoming thoughts, feelings and behaviours which have been unhelpful to you.



EFT is a more explorative route to dealing with these issues and is a kinaesthetically ‘interactive’ experience.

I also offer the option to combine Hypnotherapy and EFT together as a unique offering to resolve these issues. The benefit to you of this option is that you learn a self-help tool by way of EFT which you can always use in your own time of personal need, whilst getting the benefits of Hypnotherapy intervention in our sessions. The two really complement each other brilliantly.

Mindset Coaching

It may be appropriate to consider mindset coaching in order to look at coping with life changes. Coaching you and working towards finding practical ways forward will no longer leave you feeling merciless in that scheme of change, but empowered.

I like to explore each individual on a case by case basis. Dependent on the nature of the issue, I can better advise which route is likely to be optimal.

Get in touch

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I am based near Redhill in Surrey and run sessions either from my home practice or virtually. 

As a practitioner, I will give you tailored support that is:

  • Non-judgemental

  • Friendly

  • Good humoured

  • Compassionate

  • Confidential

  • Professional


If you want help to change your outcomes, get in touch with me and tell me about the issue(s) you want to focus on. We can talk about how we could work together and what you would be looking to gain from your sessions.

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