Do you want to know how Hypnotherapy could help you?

You need guidance, help and support to address an issue.

As a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, I use a set of techniques that will put you in a state of deep and peaceful relaxation, whilst simultaneously allowing your mind to really focus on it is you really to achieve for yourself.

What is Hypnotherapy?



Most traditional talking therapies such as counselling, psychotherapy or psychology may involve looking at a number of issues in a conscious way, by understanding them with a sense of ‘logic’.


Hypnotherapy differs in that it often focuses on a singular issue and works with the unconscious mind. You can think of the unconscious mind as having the complete knowledge of the ‘whole’ of you. All your past experiences, are stored by the unconscious. When you ‘recall’ a memory, it is the record from the unconscious mind, which is passed into conscious awareness.


Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy, which involves hypnosis. The state of hypnosis is a natural state of mind - it’s a really focussed state of attention. Perhaps you may have experienced that feeling when you’ve driven somewhere but cannot recall how - there is a sense of ‘autopilot’ about that journey. That would be because your unconscious mind has taken on full responsibility for that activity, whilst your conscious awareness has been busy with some other thoughts, ideas, memories or planning of some kind. That natural state of flow is the one where you are actually most relaxed, creative and productive.


Hypnosis in the context of hypnotherapy focuses your imagination and unconscious to help bring about positive changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

What will I experience?


  1. Initially we will talk together, so that I gain a real understanding of the issue at hand and implications on how it currently affecting you now. I use my expertise as an NLP Practitioner to gain this understanding. (Learn more about NLP here >>)

  2. I then relax you into a state of hypnosis by simply talking to you. Thinking of your mind as a labyrinth, you can better navigate through it in that relaxed ‘space’.

  3. With me as your guide, your unconscious mind can communicate and collaborate with you, to bring about changes for your greater good.



I have never done anything like this before but I felt very comfortable and relaxed as Vidya explained everything to me and in just a few hypnotherapy sessions she has massively helped me manage my phobia issue.


I can highly recommend Vidya at Vivid Outcomes. My teenage son was finding it hard to motivate himself to study. He was also struggling with nerves before a big guitar exam. Although he was very reluctant to seek help, Vidya soon put him at ease and he came away relaxed and so much more positive. He's really increased his enthusiasm for homework & revision and this has been reflected in his improved grades. As for the guitar exam, he did very well and is now looking forward to taking his Grade 7 exam in 2019. Thank you so much Vidya.


Vidya has helped me to give up social smoking and smoking when drinking alcohol. I have not been able to do this before. The biggest positive change for me is that urge for wanting a cigarette has disappeared and I no longer feel the need to smoke. Since the hypnotherapy sessions I have put myself in situations where in the past I would've smoked and I haven't, I am so proud of this. I feel an enormous sense of freedom and am able to say "I do not smoke", which makes me feel a real sense of achievement.


I found Vidya to be a warm and incredibly empathetic individual with a talent for actively listening and being able to sift through information to identify the root cause of a problem.  In addition to Vidya’s professionalism and ability to build rapport, her skills as a hypnotherapist are excellent. Not only did she create an soothing environment in which to relax but I have found her techniques to be extremely effective in alleviating stress, creating calmness of thought and promoting an all round feeling of wellbeing. A huge thank you!!!



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