Do you want to know how Mindset Coaching could help you?

You need focus, guidance, direction to get different outcomes in your life.

I am here to empower you to mobilise your behaviours and your thinking processes, and get focussed on your goals. Using my expertise as an NLP Practitioner and Coach, I'm there by your side to assist you to find a sense of clarity and direction and help you to stay accountable to your intentions.

What is Mindset Coaching?



You may be feel unable to make the progress in a given area of your life. You’ve maybe set yourself a task or 'goal', but somehow can't stick to the plan, or perhaps  have been through a major life change, but felt unable to ‘get on with things’ since it happened.


I am able to help to empower you to mobilise your behaviours and your thinking processes using NLP and Coaching techniques to help you towards clarity, working with you to steer life with direction. 


NLP  really is about the practice of understanding and modelling how a person organises and processes their thoughts, feelings and behaviours to get the outcomes they do, positive (or negative). NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.



We use our senses to understand what is happening around us using our own unique filtering

system to sift information received externally to us.



We assign meaning to that filtered information by way of words and language. This linguistic

representation has an influence on you and others.



We organise our ideas and our actions from that filtering and linguistic coding which we then use to produce ‘results’- this is our behaviour.


By modelling your current thoughts, feelings and behaviours, we can work together on making changes to those in order to positively influence any future outcomes.  I use my expertise to help coach and mentor you to gain greater effectiveness in areas that you want to develop in, by guiding you towards adapting your thinking and helping you to modify behaviours long term.

What will I experience?



  1. Central to this experience is communication, which will be two-way. It will predominantly be the two of us talking and the two of us ‘listening to one another.

  2. I encourage you to see, hear and feel those ‘work in progress areas’,  differently, so that you can view, listen and experience them differently.

  3. I coach you to increase your awareness of new possibilities that may be available to you as a result of the work we have done together. 

  4. I help you to form a plan of action that feels right for you. Part of my role is to help you keep accountable to your intentions. 

R. Allen

I have been seeing Vidya for mindset coaching and what a difference she has made. When I first met her I had no self confidence or esteem and felt very little about myself. I used food as an escape. I still struggle sometimes but Vidya has taught me how to cope without using food as ‘fix’. I now have more confidence to do what I want and not do what other people want me to do. I have a new job and I am moving back to my home town after 28 years. All thanks to Vidya and her support.

Emily W.

I’ve been reflecting on things lately and thinking about what a difference three months and 12kgs makes. We’ve talked about this several times, this is and isn’t about the weight loss. To be ready to do this programme, I needed to be in the right place, not just to lose the weight but to deal with the reasons I was putting too much food and drink into my mouth. This is why I chose you, as you recognised and acknowledged this in your FB posts so I knew you got it. Our chats each week have centred on dealing with the thoughts that used to trigger comfort eating responses, or why I needed to wine and dine to plaster over the cracks. I think I finally understand the real meaning of that line in the Serenity Prayer : accepting the things I cannot change. Accepting that some things are outside of my control and responsibility. This is really a head and a body game, and I wanted to say a big thank for supporting me in this journey. I feel so much stronger mentally and physically. We’ve laughed, I’ve cried and we’ve shared stories and challenged my thinking. I was always looking for the silver bullet when it came to weight loss: ironically while I don’t think there is such a thing, as one needs to do the work, the diet combined with your private coaching has been just that for me with the bonus that because my thinking has changed in this time, a switch has flicked in my head which means I won’t use and abuse food and drink in the same way ever again. You are wonderful and I will be eternally grateful.




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