Client Testimonial

She drastically helped me change my life and my outlook on it. Since the first session, I knew that she would be the one to help me progress, just from how well she listened to what I had to say and how she helped me understand that how I was feeling was ok and that I have it within me to change. Child 

Remembering the day that we first came to see Vidya and knowing instantly how much I warmed to her, I wanted my son to feel the same - listened to - properly listened and heard. And most of all understood and helped. As a mother you expect that you will be the person that your child confides in and comes to when they have a problem and want to talk. But from my own experience as much as you can love your parents, sometimes they are not the ones you need. He was lost, confused, full of self doubt and anxiety. After sessions with Vidya, he is more confident in his ability to articulate his feelings and importantly talks through his emotions.  Parent 

Parent And Child Services

As a parent myself, I understand how hard it can be to support your child , teenager and young adults. It can throw up all sorts of challenges to ourselves as we navigate 'parenting' without a rule book.


There may be times in their own lives that they can really find an impartial ear very useful in helping them deal with difficult situations, problems and emotional disturbances. 


The benefit for them of talking to skilled and impartial therapist like me is that I am not their 'parent', not their 'friend', not their 'family' member, not their 'educator'. This gives them some real space to explore their own thinking, feelings and beliefs about themselves and discover effective coping methods and strategies of their own.


I use the time with them to teach them some techniques that they may find useful, that they can use independently in their own time of need. This enables them to feel resourceful. They will also learn coping methods and strategies what will have life long benefits which is an important element of my coaching

I specialise in dealing with Anxiety and Stress and can help in many other areas

such as bullying, abuse, fears, eating disorders, OCD, self-esteem, social media addiction/toxicity, substance abuse, addiction to gaming, exam stress, emotional outbursts, anger, sadness.

Get in touch today and discover how I can help you and your child or young adult. I am here to support you both.  

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