My First Blog

Like anything, you have to start somewhere. It's basic, right now, rough and ready and not a flashy attempt with lots of great visuals. But I'm going with the philosophy that taking 80% action is better than taking no action at all! I have always enjoyed writing - I always seem to have something to say in the written word, but committing to writing a blog is something I haven't managed to do...YET!

Why? Because like so many of us, I put it on a list of things "I'd like to do". I tried to start one a few years ago, but consistency was my undoing, because my reason for doing it was ill-founded. Back then, I did it to create 'visibility' in my business which was tied to the 'diet' industry, and all I could think about was how to stand out from my 'competitors'. And that's why it didn't last long at all, because I wasn't really in the driving seat- my insecurities and fear were.

Fast forward a few good years and now, the mindset has thankfully shifted for many reasons. For one, I've learnt and grown a whole lot more in that time. Moving away from the diet industry, towards doing something that I really want to be doing and have a natural aptitude and passion for, means that I live, breathe and sleep my work in that positive way. It fuels me...and as a result I understand better my own motivations. Does it matter to me if people read this or don't? Of course I'd love a huge readership, but that's not the reason for why I'm writing it. I'm sitting here writing away, because I love to write. I'm doing it, because I have expertise and experience that I'd love to share. I'm doing it because I have a place here on my website to show up to consistently. I'm doing it because I want this website to be a resourceful space for people to access freely.

So in a nutshell whenever you want to do something, do it because you genuinely want to do it, not because others might be doing it, and you 'feel' you should be doing it too. As Theodore Roosevelt said: "Comparison is the thief of joy." It's basic stuff, but it's what many of us neglect to remember a lot of the time.

Where will this blog journey take me? Have I sat and planned what I will be writing about in my future blogs? No. Perhaps a faux pas in the marketing strategy of the business world that I belong to, but it suits me to be fluid, intuitive and to go with the flow as I find. I have lived enough years and sat with others and their experiences to understand a basic truth - we only have our NOW. We can be reflective about our past (as I have written about above), and keep using that to predict our future, or we can keep thinking on and constructing our future with meticulous plans and heaps of preparation and 'stress later' that things aren't going to those plans - but ultimately all that really matters is our 'now'. Right now, I'm taking some action towards joy, writing, listening to the sound of keys tapping on my keyboard, the birds chirping outside, the sun streaming through into the office. What are you observing right 'now'? Live this moment in its entirety. The next will come when it's ready.

Till then,

Vidya xx


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