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Welcome to my free self--help guides, videos and Choices Podcast Episodes. Here you will find practical, tips, techniques and positive habits which you can build into your daily routines and bring about positive life changes.


Use these as guides to develop daily habits that will help you create and sustain positive improvements in all areas of your personal and business life. Every positive change for the better, however large or small, is worth its weight in gold, having beneficial impacts in all areas of your life. 

Coaching and mentoring  can provide  significant, addtional  benefits  building upon the 'self-help' you have already pursued. I provide a wide and comprehensive range of coaching and mentoring services should you require additional help. Give it a try.

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Free Guide To Dealing With Anxiety

7  Effective Ways to Reduce Anxiety

  • Commit to breathing exercises

  • Take time out for yourself

  • Get present in the now 

  • Change the relationship to your thinking

  • Talk about it with someone

  • Spend time outdoors in nature

  • Reduce the negative influences of social media

Free Guide To Dealing With Stress

7  Effective Ways to Manage Stress

  • Commit to breathing exercises

  • Commit to breaking down big tasks into smaller chunks

  • Work on that reframing that negative self talk

  • Talk about what you're experiencing with someone

  • Spend time outdoors in nature

  • Take time out for yourself even though it may feel counter-intuitive

  • Ask your support network to help you on a practical front

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Choices Podcasts By Vidya 

Making Choices That Are Right For You

​Choices is a podcast series that allows you to simply 'be'. Giving you ideas on how to 'get out of your own way' and make decisions that feel right for you and your life.


Choose to simply 'be'. For a short time, put down all the things you 'have, should, must or need to do'  and make a little time for yourself with me on here.


Choices will inspire you to make  beneficial changes to your life that aren't judgemental or prescriptive.



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