I can highly recommend Vidya at Vivid Outcomes. My teenage son was finding it hard to motivate himself to study. He was also struggling with nerves before a big guitar exam. Although he was very reluctant to seek help, Vidya soon put him at ease and he came away relaxed and so much more positive. He's really increased his enthusiasm for homework & revision and this has been reflected in his improved grades. As for the guitar exam, he did very well and is now looking forward to taking his Grade 7 exam in 2019. Thank you so much Vidya.


I have much to thank Vidya but most of all for getting me back into productive action with a new sense of purpose. I have been through some tough times in my long years and generally managed to get throrugh them on my own doing lots of self help stuff and with an attitude "I can handle this". Recently finding myself very stuck in most areas of my life with future business prospects looking gloomy to say the least, I just felt like giving up. Another life crisis looming and just 'good old resilient me' to deal with it. So as a last ditch attempt to sort my life out I decided to eat humble pie and reach out for help. I am so pleased that I  found Vidya to help me out. Her coaching approach is amazing. She is very intuitive, open and very trustworthy - a dream to work with.  I can happily report that after a few short sessions I  have a new way forward in life. I am approaching things with much more energy and confidence and my life is beginning to buzz again. If you want to kickstart your life  -some warm, understanding and skilled coaching from Vidya is the perfect place to start! 

Roy / Product Development Director

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me. I had been a secret eater for many years and was struggling to stop. I didn't know what to expect from EFT but you explained the process in a very gentle, quiet manner that put me completely at ease. With your help during our session, we used tapping to release my anxieties and fears. I was especially moved by the emotional journey you came on with me. You are a very special practitioner. After just one hour I felt 'unblocked' and relieved - and have continued to use the tools you gave me since with continued success. Thank you Vidya. I have already recommended you to others needing to try an alternative approach to medicine or counselling.

P.A Redhill

I’ve been reflecting on things lately and thinking about what a difference three months and 12kgs makes. We’ve talked about this several times, this is and isn’t about the weight loss. To be ready to do this programme that I wanted to do, I needed to be in the right place, not just to lose the weight but to deal with the reasons I was putting too much food and drink into my mouth. This is why I chose you, as you recognised and acknowledged this in your FB posts so I knew you got it. Our chats each week have centred on dealing with the thoughts that used to trigger comfort eating responses, or why I needed to wine and dine to plaster over the cracks. I think I finally understand the real meaning of that line in the Serenity Prayer : accepting the things I cannot change. Accepting that some things are outside of my control and responsibility. This is really a head and a body game, and I wanted to say a big thank for supporting me in this journey. I feel so much stronger mentally and physically. We’ve laughed, I’ve cried and we’ve shared stories and challenged my thinking. I was always looking for the silver bullet when it came to weight loss: ironically while I don’t think there is such a thing, as one needs to do the work, committing to my nutrition combined with your private coaching has been just that for me with the bonus that because my thinking has changed in this time, a switch has flicked in my head which means I won’t use and abuse food and drink in the same way ever again. You are wonderful and I will be eternally grateful.


I found Vidya to be a warm and incredibly empathetic individual with a talent for actively listening and being able to sift through information to identify the root cause of a problem.  In addition to Vidya’s professionalism and ability to build rapport, her skills as a hypnotherapist are excellent. Not only did she create an soothing environment in which to relax but I have found her techniques to be extremely effective in alleviating stress, creating calmness of thought and promoting an all round feeling of wellbeing. A huge thank you!!!


Vidya has helped me to give up social smoking and smoking when drinking alcohol. I have not been able to do this before. The biggest positive change for me is that urge for wanting a cigarette has disappeared and I no longer feel the need to smoke. Since the hypnotherapy sessions I have put myself in situations where in the past I would've smoked and I haven't, I am so proud of this. I feel an enormous sense of freedom and am able to say "I do not smoke", which makes me feel a real sense of achievement.


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