Having been overweight for so much of my life, whether as an office professional grazing at my desk or as a busy mum to three young children, I was piling on the pounds with an almost addictive need to eat just to get me through each day.


There was little time for self-care and I got used to accepting being big as the way I was meant to be. I felt so stuck in a rut with no escape and no control over the numerous bad habits I was in.


I was styling it out with a pretend smile, until I finally said enough was enough and I CHOSE to change.

In 2017, I was became a CWP Celebrated Slimmer for the 2017 Slimmer Competition, having lost 5.5 stone along with my husband, who himself lost 4.5 stone on the weight loss plan.

I have walked the walk.


I aim to use mindfulness and wellbeing approaches, alongside the practical support in my capacity as a 1:1 Diet Consultant, to help you to understand your eating behaviours better, to get you focussing on your overall goals and to empowering  you to go on to achieve them.

Let me work with you to help you to understand yourself better so that you too can experience a more loving relationship with food.


Now, I have found a new way to LIVE my life with confidence and a spring in my step, doing things I never thought possible – I am no longer just existing from day to day, I am genuinely happy and I want this for all my clients.

I am committed to working with you to make these life changes sustainable, so that you too can enjoy maintaining your well-earned efforts.

I offer day and evening sessions during the week within which I provide 1:1 support which is:
- Non-judgemental
- Personalised
- Friendly
- Good humoured
- Compassionate
- Confidential
- Professional

Children welcome, box of tricks to keep them occupied and distracted!


Anna B

When I first met Vidya, I was immediately drawn to her - her own experience is real and she is clearly committed to her own continuing personal development. Her authenticity, relaxed and (wonderfully) open style puts me at ease and allows for productive, honest dialogue. Her commitment to her clients is unrelenting and either I'm very lucky that her style suits me so well or, as I suspect, she is just very good at meeting the individual needs of each of her clients.

S. Harding

I couldn't ask for a better Consultant to be doing this journey with. Vidya listens, understands, offers the ultimate advice. She has helped me lose 2 stone* already! Thanks to her, I have opened my eyes to my own opportunities. Currently on Step 3, I'm now a regular gym goer too, and this step enables me to workout having eaten sufficient food! 

K. Gives

Since seeing Vidya I have seen significant weight loss. Her support has been invaluable. The one-to-one sessions have given me the opportunity to talk through strategies for dealing with different situations and thinking about my long term goals. I have stayed on track and now understand weight loss is so much more than just losing weight. Dealing with how I see and use food will help me maintain my weight loss. Vidya has been an incredible support throughout this journey and is always there at the end of the phone when things are hard. I couldn't have done this without her.


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